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About the Yukti Herbs

YUKTI HERBS is a newly-founded company which marked its presence in the herbal manufacturing sector in 2021. The company is committed to give a modernized perspective to the ‘Ayurvedic treatment’ scenario of present times. The distinctive focus of the company is on the application of ‘Yukti’ (युक्ति; ‘rationale’) while offering a wide array of Ayurvedic products for treatment of different disorders, including those which cannot be effectively treated with allopathic medicines.
‘Yukti’ literally means ‘to gain true knowledge by using intelligence to analyze multiple factors.’

With ‘Yukti’ as the pivot, YUKTI HERBS offers the most suitable herbal medications for various disorders based on logical thinking and planning. The company promises to apply ‘Yukti’ to Ayurvedic treatment in the true sense of the word. The two key ‘Yukti’ aspects which underline the core of all Ayurvedic solutions offered by the company are:

The young and dynamic founder of YUKTI HERBS, Ms. Saakshi Verma, has forayed into herbal manufacturing business in India after completing her higher studies from Boston University (U.S.). She has a passion for business, and is working with dedication to make a noteworthy difference to the existing Ayurvedic medicine system. She is putting in tireless efforts to leave an indelible mark in the herbal manufacturing arena with her path-breaking venture.

Ms. Verma has essentially set up YUKTI HERBS to revive the past glory of Ayurveda medicare system in the modern settings. The foundation of the company, therefore, rests on a matchless amalgamation of Ayurveda medication and the modern world of information technology, industrialization and globalization.
At YUKTI HERBS, we provide wide-ranging Ayurvedic solutions which are completely safe and easy to use. Our products include natural herb supplements, tablets, capsules, churnas (herbal powders), tonics/syrups, herbal teas, and herbal ointments. In addition, we offer a number of other Ayurvedic healthcare, skin-care and hair-care products.

YUKTI HERBS’ Online consultation

Patients suffering from any physical or mental disorder can receive best online consultation from experienced MD Ayurveda doctors. We can also provide the services of specialist doctors as and when required.

YUKTI HERBS’ In-person consultation

The company will offer the advantage of in-person consultations with renowned Ayurveda doctors at its state-of-the-art healthcare facility within the next four months.

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