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Aller Savior: Protects you from allergens

Modern lifestyle, the one that includes unhealthy eating & drinking, over-indulgence in physical pleasure, has resulted in declining immunity. Due to a hypersensitive immune system, a person suffers from various allergic disorders. In allergic disorders, the hypersensitive immune system reacts to unusual and common substances.

Allergy is a condition when internal and/or external things like food, drugs, pollen, dust, temperature, certain weather conditions, animal hair, environmental irritants, etc. are not accepted by our body. Our body secretes certain enzymes as a result of this to overcome this incompatibility which results in allergies. Allergy is a disorder of the immune system. It is hereditary in some people.

Yukti Herbs prepared Aller Savior – an ayurvedic formulation in capsule form to save one from all types of allergies. It contains well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic herbs like Shirish, Neem, Haridra, etc., that makes Aller Savior a wonderful anti-allergic medicine. It helps to treat all skin and respiratory allergies.

Facts about allergy

  • In the US, 24 million people, including 6 million children are affected by asthma and various allergies like hay fever, food allergy, eczema, etc. and allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illnesses in the US.
  • Pollen counts in the environment can predict bad allergy days.
  • Medicines trigger the most allergy-related deaths.
  • Allergies and cold are not the same.
  • Allergies are also inherited, so sometimes your genes may be the culprit for your allergy.

When to take Aller savior

It is a steroid-free natural combination of herbs with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or any other kind of unnatural substances, and has multiple benefits in various allergies like:

  • Allergic skin disorders like urticaria
  • Sinus allergy
  • Allergic asthma
  • Pollinosis (Pollen allergy)
  • Animal hair allergy
  • Allergic bronchitis 
  • Food allergies
  • Hives 
  • Drug allergies
  • Chemical allergies
  • Seasonal allergies

Causes of Allergies

Allergy can be caused by anything you come in direct contact and your body views it as a harmful invader. In short, we can say that it depends on an individual’s immune system. Harmless substances that are the causes of various allergies are:

  • Certain foods and drinks: wheat, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, soy, milk, egg, curd, etc.
  • Air-borne allergens: dust mite, pollen, animal dander, mold, etc.
  • Certain medications: penicillin and penicillin-based various antibiotics
  • Insects sting: wasp sting or bee sting.
  • Latex or rubber: that is mixed with various chemicals is used to make products like erasers, gloves, condoms, balloons, bras, etc. These things might cause allergies that may be mild like rashes or a severe reaction called anaphylaxis.
  • Chemicals like parabens and formaldehyde releaser (quaternium-15, PABA, bromonitropropane, Diazolidinyl urea, etc.) used in various soaps, shampoo, conditioner, makeup items, sunscreen, fake tattoos, hair colors, etc.
  • Exposure to extreme cold weather.
  • Irregular sleep patterns

What if allergies are left untreated?

In the early stages, your allergies may be a minor inconvenience to you but if left untreated, they can contribute to a plethora of chronic illnesses including sinus infection, asthma, respiratory infections, and even structural sinus issue that may need surgical interventions.

The ultimate solution for your personal allergy “Aller Savior”

Aller Savior is an ayurvedic formula for allergic reaction. It is a unique combination of 8 wonderful herbs that help in providing quick relief from various types of allergies by taking control of histamine release. Besides this, all these herbs, in combination, help to strengthen immunity.

Allen Savior consist of following herbs:

 Haridra/CurcuminCurcuma longaRhizome75 mg
 NeemAzadirachta indicaBark75 mg
 ShirishAlbezzia lebbeckBark75 mg
 AshwagandhaWithania somniferaRoot75 mg
 Nettle leaf (Bichubooti)Urtica diocaLeaf75 mg
 Tulsi /Holy BasilOcimum sanctumLeaves75 mg
 Kali Marich / Black PepperPiper nigrumFruit25 mg
 Yashtimadhu /MulethiGlycrrhiza glabraroot25 mg

Haridra: Haldi or Turmeric, botanically known as Curcuma longa, is widely used to treat a myriad of maladies. Recent research revealed that turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-cancerous, and anti-diabetic herb. The chemical constituents present in Haridra i.e., Curcumin can inhibit specific and non-specific mast cell-dependent allergic reactions that may result in eosinophilia. Turmeric has the magical property to cure an array of allergies like itching, boils, urticaria and various skin diseases. Turmeric also acts as a blood purifier and helps to treat fungal and parasitic infections.

Neem: Azadirachta indica, commonly known as Neem, is an evergreen plant used to cure various diseases. It is known as ‘Arisht’ in Sanskrit that means perfect or complete and is considered ‘Kalpvriksha’(Desire Tree) of ‘Kalyuga’ (Modern-age). Neem shows excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and anti-allergic properties. Recent research has revealed that Neem shows excellent results against wheat protein allergy, detoxifies the blood, and removes harmful toxins from the body. Neem consists of Nimbinene, Nimbin, Nimbandiol, Azadirone, Beta-sitosterol, etc. which aid in anti-allergic properties of the Neem.

Shirish: Albezzia lebbeck, commonly known as ‘Woman’s Tongue Tree’, is found throughout India. In Ayurveda, it is considered the best ‘Vishaghana’ (anti-poisonous and anti-toxin drug). Recent research has revealed that Shirish is an excellent anti-allergic herb. Shirish shows the presence of various chemical constituents like saponins, tannins, glycosides, catechins, etc. Catechins are mainly responsible for the anti-histaminic and anti-allergic properties of Shirish. It is used in various allergic reactions like urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, etc.

Ashwagandha: Withania somnifera, also known as winter cherry, is a very revered herb of Ayurveda. It is beneficial in various allergies due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Withaferin A and 3-b-hydroxy-2,3-dihydro withanolides F are responsible for its wonderful results in allergies. This herb along with Neem and Shirish work in a synergistic manner controls chronic and acute allergies like a pollen allergy, respiratory allergy, etc.

Nettle leaf: Urtica dioca, commonly known as the ‘Stinging Nettle’, is a herbaceous flowering plant that has trichomes i.e., hollow stinging hair on the stem and leaves that act like hypodermic needles and produce stinging sensation upon contact i.e., contact urticaria. Nettle leaves are cooked and eaten as a nutritious potherb. It contains various nutrients like vitamins A, C, K, and polyphenols like quercetic, kaempferol, essential amino acids and fats, etc. Research has revealed that Nettle plant leaves show the H1 receptor antagonistic activity, which makes Nettle Leaf excellent anti-asthmatic and anti-allergic herb.

Tulsi: Ocimum sanctum, also known as the “mother medicine of nature”, belongs to the family lamiaceae.. Recent research has revealed that Tulsi is a unique combination of chemical constituents like rosmarinic acid, pegenin, eugenol that make Tulsi an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-anaphylactic, anti-microbial herb. It works against various allergies due to its mast cell stabilizing property, inhibition of release of inflammatory inhibitors, and suppression of IgE.

Kalimarich/Kali Marich: Piper nigrum, is an important and popular ingredient used in dishes. It is a unique herb in Indian medicine which improves bioavailability of many other natural ingredients to the body. Piperine present in Marich, along with immunomodulatory action, exhibits anti-allergic activity in allergic rhinitis. The chemical constituents present in Piper longum helps to reduce redness, sneezing and rubbing that is induced by sensitization of nerve ending that results from the histamine released from antigen-antibody reaction. 

Yashtimadhu: Mulethi, scientifically known as Glycyrrhiza glabra, is a hairless sweet root that is derived from the Greek word ‘Glykas’ means sweet and ‘rhiza’ means root and ‘glabra’ means hairless and smooth. This herb with high medicinal value is commonly known as sweet wood or licorice, is an excellent potent drug and used in various diseases. Mulethi contains various chemical constituents like glycyrrhine, licoagrone, liconicone, glabranine, glycyrrhizic acid, etc. which make it an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory. Yashtimadhu actively acts against various skin allergies and cutaneous allergic reactions.

Dosage: One or two capsules once or twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Best time to consume: The best time to consume Aller savior is after breakfast and after dinner with normal water.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Cover your mouth properly with a mask or cloth during dusty or chilly days.
  • Take steam inhalation in case of slight congestion.
  • Consume home-cooked food and avoid processed food as much as possible.
  • Include whole grains that are low in gluten in your daily diet.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day.
  • Avoid Ikshu Vikara i.e sugarcane and sugarcane products.
  • Avoid Guru Anapana (Heavy food)
  • Avoid Chhardi Nigrahana (Suppression of vomiting)

Side effects: Aller Savior is a blend of fully researched herbs, AYUSH approved formulation, with no side effects at all.

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