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Yukti Herbs is an herbal manufacturing brand which takes pride in the fact that it is ‘ingenious by nature’. The ideology of the brand revolves around rational and sustainable healthcare. At Yukti Herbs, our main objective is to offer the best possible herbal supplements & ayurvedic medicine experience to all our patients!
  • At Yukti Herbs, we believe that Ayurvedic treatment is a human-centered process, which necessitates the application of ‘yukti’ (rational use of knowledge) for solving diverse health issues of patients. We realize that the concept of Yukti can be helpful in fulfilling three basic objects of human life — Dharma (duties), Artha (wealth), and Kama (desires). By applying yukti, an Ayurveda expert can properly understand the root cause a disease, correlate multiple observations and offer customized medication to patients.
  • With ‘yukti’ playing a pivotal role in the approach to Ayurvedic medicine, our experienced doctors first try to understand, which herbal formulations would work the best for engaging the right intervention and, subsequently, suggest ‘the right medication to the right patient at the right time.’
  • Our ‘yukti’ based approach underscores an effective implementation of traditional Ayurvedic principles in the modern world because ‘yukti’ essentially underlines the concept of ‘rational therapeutics’. We aim at offering the most reliable, affordable, and easily available Ayurvedic treatment options to each patient. We want to save the health, time, and money of the patients, while also assuring the high quality and proven effectiveness of our Ayurvedic products.
  • At Yukti Herbs, our endeavor is to administer herbal medicines to patients with ‘therapeutic aptness,’ in accordance with their body type (Prakriti) — state of Doshas – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Since doshas are the primary health-balancing energies, which reflect the unique nature of everyone. We believe that an in-depth knowledge of Prakriti is extremely crucial for the healing process. Along with understanding the patient’s body type, we also focus on ‘matra’ (dose) and ‘kala’ (time), while administering herbal medicines to a patient for treating holistically. Our expert doctors supervising the preparation of our herbal medicines possess comprehensive knowledge of all herbs and their time-tested beneficial effects in managing various physical and mental disorders. Our formulations are unique, manufactured from best quality ingredients (herbs, standardized herbal extracts), following proper GMP Guidelines and quality control techniques for best quality products.

    In a nutshell, Yukti Herbs ideology is to restore the health of the patients through ‘yukti’ — a rational remedial approach for healing the body, mind and soul. We provide ingenious natural and ayurvedic solutions to heal patients and help them restore overall health and well-being in life. Our professionally-qualified and dedicated Ayurvedacharyas offer personalized treatments to patients as they know that the ‘one size fits all’ proposition cannot yield the best results in the Ayurvedic medication system for holistic healing!

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