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10 Tips to maintain natural hair

10 Tips to Maintain Natural Hair

However, summer is a great time to experiment with your natural hair. We’re free of the winter’s cold, snow, and wind, which forced us to tuck away our hair. However, we spend more time outside in the summer, which poses obstacles to maintaining good hair. The three main factors that may affect our hair growth are given below:

Sun: Even if the winter’s cold and wind have passed, your hair still requires protection. If you spend too much time outside, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair, burn your scalp, and even darken your hair. To protect your hair and scalp, use a leave-in conditioner with SPF, and cover your hair with a scarf or hat if you’ll be outside for a lengthy period.

Heat: Your hair is already drying out from the sun, so don’t add to the problem by using heat tools. So put the straightener and blow dryer away and enjoy the summer without the heat.

You can also take some good supplements for heat absorption for your hair and skin. For example, the Manjishtha supplement provided by Yukti Herbs is a natural herb consisting of blood purification and eliminating excess heat.

Climate: Humid and arid climates affect natural hair differently and necessitate different products. The dry air in arid climates tends to rob moisture from your hair. In this instance, anti-humectants will require to keep your hair from drying out. You can use anti-humectants like olive oil and jojoba oil.

If you reside in a humid climate, apply humectants to hydrate your hair by drawing moisture from the air. Honey and glycerin are examples of natural humectants. However, if you don’t like frizz, don’t apply humectants, even in humid conditions.

So, before you go to the beach or the pool this summer, read Yukti Herb’s guide on 10 Tips to Maintain Natural Hair!

1. Hair texture

While knowing your hair texture is crucial, you should also be aware of its thickness and porosity, as these factors influence your styling choices and overall regimen. Natural hair is divided into three thickness categories: fine, medium, and coarse/thick. Hair density is not the same as hair thickness. Instead, it measures the thickness of each strand of hair.

The thread is thinner than fine hair. Too much product can easily weigh it down, making hair appear thin and sparse. Because this hair type is prone to breaking, we must treat it delicately.

The thread is comparable to medium hair. It’s the most popular, and it’s simple to alter and style.

The line is thicker than coarse hair. As a result, it is the most durable of all the hair kinds, able to withstand heat and styling, but it is also the most resistant to hair dyes and other chemical treatments.

To confirm whether your hair has a high, medium, or low porosity, use the “float test.” A strand of hair and a glass of water is required. If your hair sinks to the bottom of the glass, it’s high porosity. Hair will float in the center of the glass, while hair with a low porosity would float on top.

2. Water is your hair’s best friend

The importance of water in maintaining healthy natural hair cannot be overstated. You should consume the prescribed eight glasses of water every day, but you should also use water ON your hair. Water is essential for detangling. Natural hair is prone to tangles and knots due to its unique spiral structure. People frequently comb through dry, knotted hair, adding to their annoyance and traps.

We know that a hot water shower feels great. However, the intense heat depletes your body’s necessary oils, leaving your hair dry, lifeless, and prone to frizz and breakage. So instead, use lukewarm water to obtain that clean sensation without the side effects, which is one of our most basic hair care suggestions.

3. Shampoo your hair and scalp

First, you should only use shampoo on your scalp, where dead skin cells and hair oil production are concentrated. If you wash your hair for weeks, it will lose the moisture that needs your hair to stay healthy.

4. Hair ends should be conditioned

It’s one of the most widely disseminated hair secrets: it’s effective. First, apply your product solely to the ends of your hair when you reach the hair conditioning stage of your showers. Any longer than mid hai length will result in extreme oil build-up. Then, comb your hair ends while applying conditioner to keep your hair light and bouncy.

5. Comb wet hair

We wanted to underline our final point: use a wide-toothed comb for wet hair. If your hairs are stretched out from retaining water, the chances are more that it is inclined to breakage. So work your way through your tangles and broken hair strands with care and gentleness.

6. Protect your hair from the heat

Using a heat-protective spray on your hair before using hot products like blow dryers and straightening and curling irons is one of the best hair care tips—but also one of the most overlooked. Your hair will thank you for following this step.

Neem has natural coolant properties that can support your overall health. It can also help in the healthy skin, hair care routine, and nails. Also, you can use the neem supplements available at Yukti herbs for hair growth and save your hair from excess heat this summer.

7. Let your hair air dry

Avoid using heat to dry your hair; instead, allow your hair to air dry whenever you have a chance. We take it easy to dry our hairs using a heat dryer, but it damages the follicles if we look for the long-term benefit. Instead, consider using wet hair treatments like curl mousse and anti-frizz spray to attain that clean look.

8. Use silk pillowcases

Because of their bumpier surface, cotton and linen pillows can cause unwanted hair damage. In addition, as you sleep, its extreme absorbency may even eliminate part of your nightly hair treatment products. So instead, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase and sheets to make it easier to maintain your hair. It would be best to start using a microfiber towel to dry your hair after a shower.

9. Haircare after hairstyle

Do you need instant volume? Divide your hairs into different sections, one side to the other, etc. It may appear like an effortless repair for a hair lift, but the transformation allows you to shift the weight of your hair around, allowing your roots to be exposed and free to hold your hair better up.

Next, apply a dollop of leave-in hair cream to damp hair length and ends to wear during the day or wrap for overnight sleep. Your hair will be lovely and well-managed when you’re done!

10. Ponytails after a long day

Ponytails are a universal hairstyle, but sometimes most famous may result badly. When your hair is pulled taut every day for long periods, it will create strain and breakage. Wearing lower and looser ponytails, letting your hair down, loosely utilizing a hair clip, and swapping out hair elastics for gentle scrunchies are some of the most fantastic hair care techniques to help with this.

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[…] Discover 10 Tips to Maintain Natural Hair. Learn about natural hair care products and techniques to nourish your hair and keep it looking its best.  […]

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