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Indigestion – Herbal Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment

The Ugly Truth About Causes, Sign & Symptoms and Treatment of Indigestion:

Indigestion, called ‘Ajeerna’ in Ayurveda means inadequate digestion of consumed food. According to Ayurveda, the major cause of dyspepsia is Agni’s dysfunctional activities. Incomplete digestion and poor metabolism are said to be results of disrupted digestive fire. The condition of food is known as ‘Ajeerna’. People who consume an excessive amount of food recklessly become vulnerable to develop ‘Ajeerna’. This results in several digestive disorders.

Indigestion Causes:

  • Overeating or eating too fast
  • Consumption of foods that are fatty, oily, or hot
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, or carbonated beverages 
  • Smoking
  • Frequent intake of antibiotics, pain killers, drug abuse, and iron supplements
  • Functional or non-nuclear dyspepsia, which is connected to ‘IBS’ – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis)
  • Cancer of the stomach

Because of the aetiological factors listed above, Agni becomes greatly vitiated and fails to complete the digestion process in sequence, resulting in the formation of undigested food substances, which causes soreness, becomes toxic in nature, and initiates a pathologic process inside the gastrointestinal tract resulting in many digestive disorders. 

Indigestion Sign & Symptoms:

  • Unexplained feeling of fullness and bloating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Acidity
  • Burning sensation or stingy feeling in the chest
  • Pain in the upper abdominal region.
  • Nausea

Ayurvedic Point of View for Indigestion Treatment:

Fasting and other purificatory and pacifying techniques should be taken for ‘Ajeerna’.

  1. Drink fresh buttermilk with a sprinkle of cumin seed powder and ‘Trikatu Churna’ after meals.
  2. Take some freshly grated ginger, sprinkle rock salt over it, and chew it right before you start your meal. It will result in the eradication of any digestive issues, gas, belching, and so on.
  3. Do not consume excessive water right before or during meals as that might impair digestive fire.

Ayurvedic Medicines to Treat Indigestion

The following category of medications can be used to treat indigestion as per classical Ayurvedic textbooks.

  1. Amairna – Hingvashtaka Churna, Lasunadi Vati, Sanjivani Vati, and Chitrakadi vati.
  2. Vidagdhairna – consists of Shankha Vati, Lavanabhaskara Churna, and Arogyavardhni Vati.
  3. Rasaseshajirna consists of Lavana Bhaskar Churna, Agnitundi Vati, and Shukti Bhasma.

Physical and Psychological factors responsible for the disease:

  • Smoking and alcoholism
  • Having foods with a musty flavor
  • Consumption of excessive amounts of drinks.
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Performing a strenuous activity right after meals
  • Constant ingestion of food, even if you are not hungry
  • Frequent use of painkillers, aspirin, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, steroid drugs, and other medications

Ayurvedic Treatment Methodology, Herbs, Classical Formulations:

There have been numerous plants that have shown results to cure indigestion – Amlaki, Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Bhrigaraj, Bibitaki, Garcinia, Guduchi, Kutki, Neem, and Shatavari.

SWARNA-KRAVY-ADARASA: A well-known treatment for both acute and chronic digestive problems.

DOSAGE: 1gram equals 5 doses. Take one capsule after each meal, two or three times a day, with buttermilk, or water.

KAVYA-DARASA: A simple indigestion cure. Indigestion causes Sula aches, gas, indigestion, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

DOSAGE: 1g equals 3 doses. One dosage after each meal, twice a day, with buttermilk and rock salt.

AGNI-KUMARARASA: Relieves indigestion, Sula aches, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

DOSAGE: 1 gram equals 4 doses. With the ‘South’ (ginger) decoction, take one dosage in the morning and one in the evening.

CAUTION: Only use under medical supervision.

Diet & Lifestyle improvement:

  • Avoid high acid content foods, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes
  • Avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol
  • Practice yoga and meditation at least 4-5 times a week
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes
  • Do not work out or sleep at least 3-4 hours after meals

When to see a Doctor:

Mild dyspepsia is usually nothing to be concerned about. Consult your doctor if the pain persists for more than two weeks.

Call your doctor right away if your pain is severe or accompanied by any of the following symptoms.

  • Unintentional weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Difficulty in swallowing that becomes worse over time
  • Fatigue or weakness, which might indicate anaemia
  • Breathing problems, excessive sweating, or chest pain radiating to the jaw, neck, or arm


Indigestion [Ajeerna] is a condition in which, the activities of ‘Agni’ (fire element) are disrupted. Ajeerna is the major source of ama, which is the cause of nearly all illnesses. As a result, all of the Acharyas have detailed Ajeerna’s aetiology, symptoms, and therapy. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and eating mindfully can easily help in the treatment of indigestion.

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